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A trip down League Cup memory lane for Crosbie


Claire Crosbie

Claire Crosbie scored the last time Celtic won the Scottish Women’s Premier League Cup back in 2010, but for the then 24-year-old, it was nothing more than a consolation as the centre-half had lined-up for runners-up Spartans that day.

The League Cup back in May 2010 was Celtic’s only honour since their inception, with braces from Jo Love and Christie Murray blowing the Edinburgh side away. Crosbie who later signed for Celtic, scored the only goal for Spartans.

Ahead of Sunday’s SWPL Cup opener against Dundee United, Claire “Bing” Crosbie shared her memories of the day.

“I can remember us being completely outplayed and I think the game was over after about 60 minutes, and it was a lucky goal at the end of the game,” she recalled as the memories of the game at Ainslie Park came flooding back.

“I remember Celtic being really physical and athletic and were quite a young team.

“It was always a close game between us and Celtic everytime we played them. If I remember correctly we would usually sneak a win at the end but on that day we were just demolished,” she recounted.

An aerial threat, Crosbie made a habit of leaping highest and converting with her head. While only having scored one goal at Celtic, it’s something in her locker.

“I have scored quite a lot of goals like that - one season I was second top scorer behind a striker, so was pretty good for a centre half. I was usually quite a threat at crosses or set pieces,” she said.

The Scottish game has changed significantly since 2010, in every sense from club’s organisation to media attention, something Crosbie touches on, saying:“The game has changed massively; it’s a lot more physical and faster and a lot of young players now coming through so the game is a lot more intense.”

Like she learned from that defeat nine years ago, she believes Celtic can learn from their last two bites of the cherry having reached both the 2017 and 2018 finals.

“If we were to reach a final this year and take a lead, a big lesson would be to hold it. We always get there and throw it away but if we get the lead it’s just about using it.

“We’ve lost to a big goal difference the last two times so if we made it again we’d obviously be more determined.

“I’m feeling really good about Dundee United and we’ve had a good week of training. Obviously we lost at the weekend against Hibs but I think a lot of people can learn from that. I unfortunately wasn’t playing, hopefully I’ll get an opportunity this week but securing a win and getting through to the next round is the biggest thing.”

And while the do-or-die nature of cup competitions introduce a new element of excitement, Crosbie is wise enough to recognise the double-edged sword and precariousness of a one-off tie.

“I do like them, but they could be a negative. If your opposition play to their ability and we don;t it could end up in a disaster but it’s exciting - you don’t get to play these teams very often so it’s good to see the difference within the leagues, so it’s something to look forward to.”

Celtic play Dundee United in the first round of the SWPL Cup at the GA Arena in Dundee on Sunday 24 February in a 4:15pm kick-off.

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